The Law Offices of Jason M. Gerber is proud to offer a new service for startups, small businesses and new commercial ventures in Nevada. Too often, business in their early stages need legal advice but do not have the budget or the capital to hire a full time general counsel. Further, those same financial concerns or limitations prohibit hiring quality, experienced, legal counsel on an hourly basis.
Nonetheless, the need for experienced legal representation is vital to the growth and development of any new business.

Jason Gerber, a business litigation and trial attorney with more than 15 years’ experience saw these concerns first hand while working as a partner at one of the most prestigious litigation and real estate law firms in Las Vegas. During those years, it became clear that new businesses and individuals with new business ideas needed help working through contracts, business organization and employment issues.
But, those same companies could not afford hourly rates needed to get good advice and representation on these issues.

Upon founding his own firm, Mr. Gerber looked for ways to solve this problem and to bring quality, experienced, representation to small businesses and startups. With his experience as a business and corporate litigator Mr. Gerber knows the traps that can ensnare businesses of any size when their operations outpace their legal protections. To address this need on a cost effective basis, Mr. Gerber developed a fee structure for providing legal services, remotely, to businesses in Nevada. The Law Offices of Jason M. Gerber now offers Remote General Counsel services to entrepreneurs, small businesses and start-up companies looking legal advice to help their businesses grow.

When your company signs on for the Remote General Counsel services you will receive a free review of your current legal issues, contracts and questions. Additionally, Mr. Gerber will be available to provide advice, answer questions and draft documents as needed for a flat monthly fee or a reduced hourly rate.

As your business grows, and your need for legal advice grows with it, the Law Offices of Jason M. Gerber continues to offer flexible fee arrangements that will match your need and budget. If you are interested in a consultation for Remote General Counsel Services, please contact the Law Offices of Jason M. Gerber at 702 427 0162 or via email at

Photo by David Iskander on Unsplash