About Jason

Mr. Gerber is the founder and owner of the Law Offices of Jason M. Gerber. For more than 15 years, Mr. Gerber’s practice has focused on complex litigation and trials for clients in multiple U.S. and foreign jurisdictions.

Additionally, Mr. Gerber works as an attorney for attorneys by providing contract and freelance services to law firms of all sizes. By using the efficiency created by developing technology, Mr. Gerber helps law firms and solo attorneys handle complex litigation matters and address pending work load issues at a rate that allows for cost savings for clients and a profit for the attorneys.

Mr. Gerber started his career as a Captain in the United States Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps. While in the JAG Corps, Mr. Gerber primarily worked as a Trial Defense Counsel defending soldiers subject to all levels of administrative and criminal charges. During 2004 and 2005, Mr. Gerber served as the sole trial defense counsel at Camp Taji Iraq, located less than 30 miles from Baghdad. During his yearlong deployment, Mr. Gerber defended hundreds of soldiers facing administrative and non judicial punishment and dozens of soldiers facing courts martial for alleged crimes related to the law of war, drug trafficking, aggregated assault and murder. Mr. Gerber was honored for his work as a member of the US Army Trial Defense Service and his service in a combat zone with a Bronze Star in 2005.

After completing his service commitment, Mr. Gerber relocated to Nevada and spent the next 13 years working for one of the preeminent litigation firms in Las Vegas. Mr. Gerber represented some of the largest companies in Las Vegas, numerous small business owners and individuals starting new businesses in areas like construction, mechanic’s liens, hospitality, commercial leasing, professional malpractice and employment claims. During his time in Nevada, Mr. Gerber was promoted from associate attorney to director and finally to a position as an equity shareholder of the firm.

Mr. Gerber also developed a practice on the “other side” of the bench as an arbitrator and panel chair. As a member of the State Bar of Nevada Disciplinary Board Mr. Gerber served as a panelist and panel chair responsible for conducting hearings in attorney discipline cases. Mr. Gerber was also appointed as an arbitrator in civil litigation cases in Clark County, Nevada. Mr. Gerber’s experience includes more than 25 cases were he served as an arbitrator responsible for setting discovery schedules, resolving pre-arbitration disputes, conducting arbitration hearings, issuing decisions and deciding post-arbitration motions. Recently, Mr. Gerber was appointed to the American Arbitration Association National Panel of arbitrators where he will continue his arbitration and mediation practice.

After more then a decade with his firm and in Las Vegas, Mr. Gerber and his family left Las Vegas to return to their roots in the Midwest and to pursue new opportunities. Noting the impact and efficiency technology brought to the practice of law, Mr. Gerber founded the Law Offices of Jason M. Gerber with the primary focus of providing contract or freelance legal assistance to law firms of all sizes and all litigation practice areas. Leveraging the benefits of online resources and the ease of information transfer, Mr. Gerber now brings his significant experience and litigation experience directly to attorneys in need to litigation support. Mr. Gerber can provide large, small and solo law firms with all pre-litigation investigation, drafting of pleadings and discovery during litigation, pre-trial motions, trial preparation and post-trial motions and appeals. Attorneys and firms utilizing these services benefit from the cost savings afforded by the efficiency of technology and the level of experience Mr. Gerber can provide to each case or dispute.

Away from the office, Mr. Gerber enjoys spending time with his beautiful and accomplished wife Tammy and their children. Born and raised outside of Cleveland, Ohio, Mr. Gerber remains a diehard fan of the Cleveland Browns (despite his better judgment) and the Cleveland Indians and also enjoys watching college and professional sports with his family and their three dogs. Occasionally, Mr. Gerber can be found damaging golf courses and losing golf balls with his aggressive but (largely) ineffective golf swing. Mr. Gerber is also an avid reader of history books and a devoted fan of Bruce Springsteen and the legendary E Street Band.