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Mr. Gerber is the founder and owner of the Law Offices of Jason M. Gerber. For more than 15 years, Mr. Gerber's practice has focused on complex litigation and trials for clients in multiple U.S. and foreign jurisdictions. Additionally, Mr. Gerber works as an attorney for attorneys by providing contract and freelance services to law firms of all sizes. By using the efficiency created by developing technology, Mr. Gerber helps law firms and solo attorneys handle complex litigation matters and address pending work load issues at a rate that allows for cost savings for clients and a profit for the attorneys.


Contract Services


As a contract or freelance attorney, Mr. Gerber to work with large, small or solo firms to address any litigation needs they may have at a rate reduced from his prior hourly rate at one of Nevada’s most respected law firms. Freelance services can be provided for individual projects and research assignments or Mr. Gerber […]

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Tech & the New Firm

Technology continues to open new opportunities for lawyers and law firms to provide quality and effective representation to clients while saving on costs. Online research, efficient exchange of documents online and video meeting capabilities are making it possible for attorneys to work together without being in the same room or even the same location.

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Profit from Efficiency

The firms or attorneys retaining Mr. Gerber can obtain partner level work and experience at paralegal or associate rates. Mr. Gerber’s reduced rate for contract and freelance work allows the firms or attorneys using his services to provide cost savings to clients or to profit by billing the client a reasonable rate for all of […]

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Michigan Services

Mr. Gerber provides a wide range of business, corporate and estate planning services to clients in Michigan. For more than 15 years Mr. Gerber has provided advice to small and large companies to address and avoid litigation in areas related to construction, employment, corporate and contract law. Mr. Gerber offers Michigan clients an opportunity to benefit from that experience to help ensure compliance with state, federal and local laws related to their business operations, employees and services.


Alternative Dispute Resolution

Since 2016 Mr. Gerber has served as an arbitrator, mediator and/or panel chair for private parties and the State Bar of Nevada. Mr. Gerber, as an appointed arbitrator, conducted dozens of arbitration hearings and resolved numerous pre and post arbitration disputes between parties. Mr. Gerber is also a member of the American Arbitration Association National Panel of arbitrators. Mr. Gerber is available to serve as an arbitrator or mediator for private parties in disputes concerning civil claims, contracts, construction, real estate and employment law.



Remote General Counsel Services

The Law Offices of Jason M. Gerber is proud to offer a new service for startups, small businesses and new commercial ventures in Nevada. Too often, business in their early stages need legal advice but do not have the budget or the capital to hire a full time general counsel. Further, those same financial concerns […]

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